Auto Protect Warranty

Auto Protect Warranty

We encourage the dealerships we work with to have a page promoting their products on their websites.

Customers invariably research their car online so they can also find a dealer's additional products during the same search and begin to make their buying decisions before ever entering the showroom.

A dedicated, properly laid out page demonstrates your partnership with us and explains the cover you offer and the benefits it provides.

A final positive, for dealers seeking to feature higher in search rankings, video provides engaging content increasing time on site and social shares and reducing bounce rate, factors all viewed by  search engines as indicators of an ""authoritative' site.

To read the full story about why video is a sales tool that dealers should have within their F & I digital arsenal, click here.

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Gold Wear & Tear

Designed to help with the cost of repairs, our Gold Warranty benefits include:

  • All Mechanical and Electrical parts cover
  • Wear and tear included
  • Parts, labour and VAT
  • National repair network
  • 3 month to 4 year options available
  • Fast payment of valid claims
  • Optional Recovery

If you need any assistance or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on: